Movie Review: Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna
Heneral Luna. A biographical film about the life of (General) Antonio Luna and his brave officers during the Philippine-American War. against the American troops and fellow Filipino politicians, military officers and other traitors. (Photo from Heneral Luna Facebook page)

A not typical way of depicting a national hero. Heneral Luna is one of the best biopic films in recent history.


The movie focused on the lives of General Antonio Luna, Emilio Aguinaldo, Apolinario Mabini and the first cabinet members of the First Republic of the Philippines during the post Spanish colonization and the outburst of Philippine-American War.


Heneral Luna is a comical biopic film with a serious theme. The portrayal of Antonio Luna is different from almost all biopic films because the film also revealed his imperfections. It may be said that it is totally different from what has been taught in elementary and high school.

The film was not entirely about Filipino fighting against the Americans but also Filipinos fighting each other and having crab mentality in the middle of the war against the Americans. The bad characteristics of Filipino politicians are shown in bad taste like prioritizing more of having self-interest and politics rather than fighting American soldiers. The film, in some way, paints reality of the past can still be correlated with political reality of today.

Comparing the film to the previous biopic films, Heneral Luna film balances the serious theme with its comical scripts. Moviegoers will surely laugh and at the same time will be informed about history, politics and social issues. Adding fictions to the historical facts give more emphasis to the story or history. This entire film is not boring compared to other Philippine heroes film.

Cinematography is great. No complaint about it especially when the producers have limited budget. Actors were great. They portrayed their characters well.

Possible upcoming films

In the mid credits, there's a brief appearance of Gregorio Del Pilar hinting that there will be a next film about the hero and in some parts  of the film shows Manuel Quezon, so there might be trilogy.
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