Movie Review: Pan (2015)

'Every legend has a beginning.' Pan movie introduces the world of magic with Peter Pan and Captain Hook as friends. (Photo from Pan Facebook page.)

Peter Pan lives another day to give awesome treats to children but James Hook or popularly known as Captain Hook never turned into a bad guy.


In the beginning of the film, Peter Pan was left by her mother in the doorstep of an orphanage house. Few years later, the head of the orphanage summoned and dealt with the pirates to take the boys to Neverland, the magical universe outside the Earth.

Peter Pan and the boys were taken to the mining where they were forced to become slave laborer for the main antagonist, the Blackbeard. They were forced to mine a fairy dusts to keep Blackbeard young.

In the mine factory, Peter Pan met James Hook, a fellow forced laborer. Peter Pan unintentionally insulted one of the Blackbeard’s men and was taken to the plank. He survived the death penalty when he flew after being thrown. Blackbeard summoned Peter and told Peter that there is a prophecy that one day a boy that can fly would kill him.

James Hook planned on escaping with Peter believing that they can escape by flying. They successfully stole and escape one ship but they ended up in a tribal territory.

They met the tribal tribe people however they were almost caught by Blackbeard and his men. Blackbeard killed the head of the tribe. Blackbeard caught Peter in the middle of the chase and successfully opened the place where there are unlimited source of fairy dust which will keep him young forever.


For the old ones who are at least twenty years old and above who grew up watching Peter Pan in their younger years, it is weird to see Captain Hook as part of the protagonist who also has sort of romantic scene with Tiger Lily from the tribal territory. James Hook may have turned into Captain Hook but never turned into a bad guy even at least for two seconds.

Another comment on James Hook character aside from he neveexude a bad guy character is that he played as a sort of being handsome nice guy. A total reverse from what people have imagined.

If the adults have told the story of the Peter Pan story to the kids, there will be certainly mis-orientation or confusion of the film because Captain Hook had been the main and longest antagonist in the story.

Sequence and storyline are too fast to be understood by children. There are few explanations and emphasis on the important parts of the movie. Some script must be at least repetitive so children will know where the story will go. It is not really meant for children.

The actors and actresses played their respective characters very well. Hugh Jackman had awesome performance playing as Blackbeard. Rooney Mara and Levi Miller will surely make kids remember their characters and will keep the imaginations of kids boundless in the next few years. Garret Hedlund was also good but, again, is more of a nice guy rather than a good guy that will turn into a bad guy.

Scenes from the film is more child-friendly compared to the other Peter Pan movies since there no gore and blood even when Blackbeard and his men killed those tribesmen. Little romantic scene didn't required kissing between Hook and Tiger Lily and yet they exude romance.

The visual effects of the movie are really laudable. It has no lapses in the film. The magical concept was delivered through its visual and sound effects. Children will surely watch it over and over again.

There might have been confusing plot for those who have followed the film from previously made Peter Pan movies but this is a good prequel. The movie have lived with the 'Every legend has a beginning' underline. There must be a follow-up movie soon.

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  1. This Peter Pan movie was great. I think the marketing of this film failed it and the movie screen was too little to show it's awesomeness. I sure would've liked to see the sequel.