Travel Time: Macau - Ruins of St Paul

Macau China Ruins of St. Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul or the Ruins of Church of St. Paul is one of the known landmarks in Macau, China. Aside from modern hotels, resorts, and casinos, this one is a must have in the bucket list of tourists.

Church of St. Paul was built by the Portuguese empire during their period of colonization in Macau. The church was destroyed by fire and series of earthquakes but the facade remained after those unfortunate events.

Today, the Ruins of St. Paul became tourist attraction and has historic importance to Macau.

Macau China Ruins of St. Paul

The facade had series of restoration through the initiative of the Macau government. The ruins is supported by heavy steel at the back to make sure it won't collapse.

Macau China Ruins of St. Paul

According to the locals, the place is being visited by Europeans, fellow Asians and Americans. It is either they are curious why is it tourist attraction and of course, its historic significance.

The Church of St. Paul in Macau did not attained 'cathedral' level. Many were confused why people call it church instead of cathedral.

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