Movie Review: American Ultra

American Ultra. Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) has been reactivated to save himself and her girlfriend (Kirsten Stewart) in an attempt to eliminate him. (Photo from American UltraFacebook page)

Mike has been reactivated to save himself and her girlfriend in an attempt to eliminate him.


Mike is an ordinary guy from a small town in the Virginia, United States. Little did he know that he is an American asset trained to solve military problem. However, he is being targeted by Adrian, a CIA officer who develop a military program similar to the program that trained Mike. While learning this, Victoria Lasseter reactivated him to protect himself against the assassins trained by Adrian.


Story is not unique if you follow or have been watching films with the same genre but the whole film is interesting, hilarious and exciting. Actions were great knowing that the main actor was not really an action star.

Jesse Eisenberg portrayed the role with his distinctive acting in the film. Maybe, it was similar to his more popular films, Zombieland, The Social Network and the Now You See Me. However, he made himself really fit in the film as an ordinary guy enjoying his life with girlfriend and weeds. He is the only character in the film who did great. He carried the whole film.

The other bad criticism for this film is they made the film in between serious and little funny in some ways. It should have been more serious or more comical rather in between. It is better when everything is serious.

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