Movie Review: Heist

Heist Bus 657
Heist (also known as Bus 657). Robert De Niro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan star in a crime thriller, heist and police chase film. (Photo from Heist Facebook page)


A father who works in a casino operated by syndicates are torn between abiding the rules of the casino owner and saving his daughter from dying in the hospital. He chose to save her daughter but he gets the money from the casino.


There are a lot of similar movies with the same plot. This film re-created and re-imagined heist and chase films with little creativity with no imagination.

Robert De Niro’s appearance in the film did not help the lack of creativity and imagination. Neither the inclusion of other veteran actors. This is good for one episode for any crime drama television series. Its ending is predictable.

If you have not seen any similar movie, Heist is a good start to imagine a heist and police chase film. I doubt if there are still people who would watch this kind of film with little promise.
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