Movie Review: Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein. The two century old undead legendarystory has been re-made, re-imagined and re-told with this awesome, terrifying fictional film. (photo from Victor Frankenstein Facebook page)

Every legend has a beginning. Victor Frankenstein will introduce the legend of the first undead, Frankenstein.


Young and radical scientist Victor Frankenstein and his recruit with similarly intelligent apprentice Igor Strausman share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their radical experiment into never ending life.

Igor felt that Victor’s visions and experiments had gone too far from what they have envisioned together. Igor has to stop Victor’s madness for his science projects.

Victor Frankenstein has brought the science fiction fantasy horror into a new level with the adaptation of an old fictional story, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

The re-imagining of the film and the creativity are superbly brilliant. They added input that was not known before in all Frankenstein movies or TV series.

Sound and visual effects add value to the great acting of two main characters. Danielle Radcliffe and James McAvoy’s chemistry as two young brilliant scientist are excellent. They brought their old characters back in their new film. These guys are veteran.

The film could have been better if some parts are fast-paced scenes since some are not really necessary. Or, this movie can go on a film series. The monster Frankenstein has little appearance and his strength has not been emphasized. He was easily killed. This is way different from we have known.

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