Endorsing Mar Roxas and Netizens' Attacks

Ramon Bautista and Carlos Celdran were the recent target of cyber bullying because of their endorsement of Mar Roxas.

 'You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.' - President Andrew Sheperd, The American President (1995 Film)

Few months from now, the entire Filipino nation will again choose their leaders. There will be a new president, vice-president and elect or re-elect senators, congressmen, governors, vice-governors, provincial board members, mayors, vice-mayors, and councilors. Also, there will be new cabinet secretaries and heads of the different agencies and departments of the the national government.

In relation with the ongoing battle within social media, particularly with Ramon Bautista and Carlos Celdran against netizens who support different candidates, I am writing this as a defense not for them but for the essence of democracy.

Philippines is a democratic country wherein we enjoy certain civil and political liberties. We can elect and we enjoy certain freedoms such as right to speech, to express and to organize. These rights are enjoyed and exercised by people.

Choosing to endorse candidates and choosing to change sides are part of the essence of democracy. We are not robots that were programmed to think on limited ways. Opinions and comments of others may change you and the way you live.

Ramon Bautista and Carlos Celdran are two popular internet icons. These guys were part of our world in social media. We adore them because of their stands on certain matters.

But when we saw them siding with Mar Roxas, we changed our tone and disliked them. People's reactions are mostly negative making bad internet memes and comments elsewhere. People were so disappointed.

These two internet celebrities are not robot programmed to please people. They choose sides. Their choice might be different from yours and their choice might boil your cold blood, but their choice is part of our civil and political rights.

They have expressed their opinions why they chose Mar Roxas. I think they have chosen Mar Roxas using their own intelligence and right conscience. We believe that these guys are intelligent enough to choose and endorse the candidates they want in which they believe we need. I certainly believe that their intelligence, wittiness, and stance made you adored them and followed them also.

Why choose or change side?

From critics to supporters? Why not? When we criticize a certain person and that person proved that they are good enough in their respective field, we also change our impression toward that person. But when that person proved something to you but you haven't changed, you are mere hater.

Maybe there are standards or criteria set by Bautista and Celdran. Mar Roxas may certainly got the standards set by these internet superstars. These standards or criteria may be different from us but the way they think is part of democracy, part of their rights.

You are not obliged to follow them but you are obliged to think. Oblige yourself to ask questions regarding the future of the Philippines, your future with these leaders leading us.

If you choose Duterte, Roxas, Defensor-Santiago, Poe, Binay or other candidates, I respect you.

You may criticize them for what they are stand for because that is part of your rights, too.

Remember that we all fought against curtailment of rights especially the rights to express, criticize and comment against the Anti-Cybercrime Law. We fought together to maintain our rights.

Criticizing others until they please you is a crooked democracy. It is like having accepted Anti-Cybercrime law.

It is okay to criticize but criticize in a very civil and intelligent manner. Criticize in a mean that you encourage intelligent discussions. Merely typing bad words are not criticism. It is barbaric and unintelligent. I hope you are not both.

Let's have intelligent discourse instead of bashing with bad words without saying anything good at all.
-Neil Gregori Garen
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  1. Dutertard ala MartardDecember 16, 2015 at 6:54 PM

    Let them endorse whoever they want. The election result will be the best key to this democratic practice.

  2. Okay lang yang boto ng boto o nageendorso kaso sana naman nag-iisip din mga tao

  3. kahit naman maraming endorser kung ayaw ng tao

  4. The right to endorse would mean that we will also be proned to attacks. That's democracy, people of the Philippines. I got the point of the author, tho. Nice write-up.

  5. Arvin Prado BaylosisMarch 2, 2016 at 12:12 AM

    Binayaran lang si Ramon Bautista at si Carlos Celdran