Movie Review: Point Break

Point Break. Nature lovers turned robbers who give away their loots to the people. Modern Robinhood conveying the love for the nature. (Photo fromWarner Bros.)

Point Break is an action thriller film about nature lovers who would do the risky Ozaki ordeals while doing a ‘Robinhood’ type of crime.


Point Break is about a group of extreme sports lovers who do criminal activities like robbery but won’t take the money. Instead, these criminals gave away the money to the people.

Former extreme sportsman and FBI candidate deduced that these criminals are trying Ozaki ordeals, dangerous extreme ordeals. He persuade his boss that he needs to infiltrate the group in order to investigate a group doing dangerous heist.

The story and sequences are fast-paced, breath taking, and extreme but never sacrificed the juice of the story. Every single detail is direct to the point.

Scenes are action-packed but characters lacked emotions especially when Utah tried to infiltrate the group and convince them to join. Again, the story is too fast to connect each scene and make a good film.

The message of this film is very relevant to the contemporary context of the status of our nature, human activities and politics. It creates message and advocacy that nature will naturally take back what it originally owned if the people will continue to exhaust and exploit nature.

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