Travel Time: Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island Tour

Corregidor Island is an open air museum and heritage park that shares some monumental part of history.

The island became the last front defense of the American and Filipinos fighting Japanese in attempt to conquer Manila.

Today, the island itself became museum of World War II.

Corregidor Island Tour

The Pacific War Memorial and the Malinta Tunnel are two of the most important museums if you want to know about the war that took place in the island.

Corregidor Island Tour

The Pacific War Memorial displays WWII weapons that were used during the war.  The Malinta Tunnel shares some of the darkest miseries of the war. It became the hospital of the wounded and dying American and Filipino soldiers.

Corregidor Island Tour

Cine Corregidor shares the same tragedies. The movie house was restored as part of the displays and attractions for the tourist.

For the whole tour, you will ride this cute mini bus. The tour guide will be entertaining you throughout the tour with jokes during the ride.

There are activities aside from historical tour. This is one of the most enjoyable historical tour you will ever have.
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