NEWSFEED o LOVEFEED: Ligaw101 (Ep. 1)

Watch the full video of the Newsfeed o Lovefeed Episode 1 entitled, "Ligawan101".

NEWSFEED o LOVEFEED: Ligaw 101 for Beginners (Episode 1)
NEWSFEED o LOVEFEEDLigaw 101: Ano nga ba dapat tandaan kung first time mong manligaw at maligawan? Panoorin ang video para sa inyong lahat. #Ligaw101 #Courtship #NewsfeedOLovefeed #LoveQuotes #PinoyQuotes #Hugot
Posted by Neil Gregori Garen on Friday, February 5, 2016

NEWSFEED o LOVEFEED is a witty, funny and full of quotes video that will inspire, motivate and advise you of practical things in life particularly lovelife. But this is not an ordinary advising video. It will give you advises through quoting a 'quotes' from different authors, philosophers and public figures.

The first episode, entitled 'Ligawan101', is about courtship or 'ligawan' in Filipino. You'll get tips, advises and inspiration from philosophers, foreign authors and many more.

Courting or being courted is a new chapter for teens and 'feeling teens' or those who haven't experience this kind of experience in their life.

You can also watch it on YouTube.

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  1. More of this please. Nakakatawa naman tong Newsfeed o Lovefeed. Magandang ipakita to sa mga pamangkin ko.
    Artista ba itong Neil Gregori o blogger lang? Bigyan sana tong batang to ng project sa TV.

  2. Parang both negative and postive ang effect ng video na to. Di ko lam kung realistic or practical tips ang binigay ng tips.