Food Review: Breakfast at Kafe Batwan

Grilled Liempo Sandwich Kafe Batwan by Sarsa
Grilled Liempo Sandwich with Mango drink.

Kafe Batwan is not your typical Pinoy restaurant. It offers the traditional Filipino dish  but with a twist. The twist that can't be expected by those are not really a foodie.

We recommend on trying grilled liempo sandwich. It is the heaviest sandwich we have ever tried. The cut is big so expect that you are already full with one sandwich. 

Kafe Batwan
Tocino with Egg and Fried Rice

If the grilled liempo sandwich is a best recommendation for you to try Kafe Batwan, the tocino with egg and garlic/fried rice is not. Although it taste good, its price is a bit expensive. You can cook at home and end up with the same taste. 

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  1. San place pwede mapuntahan yung Cafe Batwan?

  2. Cafe Batwan is non-existence now but they have the same menu with Sarsa. Cafe Batwan by Sarsa was this restaurant's complete name

  3. Sarsa and Cafe Batwan by Sarsa are one and the same now. I visited this recently and found out they have the same menu.