Movie Review: Batman vs Superman 2016

Batman vs Superman Daw of Justice

Bruce Wayne is determined to bring down Superman while Clark Kent vows to attack Batman in his newspaper editorials.


We obviously know that Batman is ultra rich, however, long time DC Comics fanatics know that Batman is a very intelligent guy,too. In this film, Bruce Wayne seemed to be just rich who can acquire killing machine instead of using more of his intelligence. One of the scenes that shows Batman was not thinking carefully was when he tried to get the files he needs to acquire during the party conducted by Lex Luthor. He did not know that he is being followed by Lex Luthor's secretary and Diana Prince or the Wonder Woman. He should have known that.

Another disappointing part in the film is they failed to elaborate Lex Luthor's character. This includes on how did he know Superman was Clark Kent and his background. The confusing part also for DC Comics fanatics is that Lex Luthor is a political figure and not just cunning scientist. He can talk in publicly well contrary to has been protrayed.

Lex Luthor is intelligent and cunning enough to hide important files from anyone but his confidential files were accessed easily by Bruce in the middle of the party. He won't be storing important files in a room after a kitchen full of people. This part of the film is surprisingly disappointing.

With little elaboration, Diana Prince or Wonder Woman is one of the centerpiece of the film. Her fighting scenes were admirably great. She complements every part that Superman and Batman lacks in the action scenes.

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  1. This film doesnt deserve bad reviews. This is epic.