Movie Review: Captain America, Civil War

Captain America Civil War

Captain America did not agree with the U.S Government and the Sokovia Accord while Iron Man agrees with it.


This film is an action-packed movie that certainly worth every cent of what you have paid.

We are aware that there are many differences between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, however, they both like each other. These differences can make their relationship break when their stance and opinions collide. Their alliance was tested when Secretary State Thaddeus Ross wanted to stop them. This plot is an interesting where this sparked the war between two factions in the Avengers.

The war between Team Cap and Team Iron Man (popular team names for the group) was the center of the movie. The inclusion of Spider Man and Panther made the story more interesting as this is an intro film for both superheroes. Spiderman's character is perfectly portrayed compared to the previously done films. Spiderman in this film is as talkative as what he is in the comics. The script and the portrayal of Tom Holland is perfect.

Spiderman and Ant-man made this film funny and light. The fighting scenes were serious but made comical with these two characters. You would actually or somehow forget that they have real enemies. Falcon and Buckey shared light moment when they smiled on Steve Roger's first kiss with Agent Carter. Viewers, especially Marvel Comics fanatics, will laugh as this is the first kiss of Steve after more than 70 years of existence.

The film is close to perfect rating. Steve Roger's team is composed of Hawkeye, Buckey, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Ant-Man while Tony Stark's team is composed of War Machine, Black Panther, Spiderman and Vision. Black Widow sided with Stark at the start but eventually went to help Captain America's team.

The only thing that made them imperfect is the viewers' preference.
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  1. I missed watching this. Buti this was a reminder. Kailan po ba DVD release nito?

  2. I rooted for Team Cap