Throwback Movie: Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girlfriend (2007). Ryan Gosling, as Lars, plays as a sweet-natured but delusional young man who fell in love with a life-sized anatomical correct doll. (Photo from HeyUGuys website)

The young and sweet boy that the town has loved became delusional when he brought an anatomical correct sex doll to his brother's house and introduce the doll named Bianca as his girlfriend.


Lars Lindstrom is a young sweet man from a small town in Wisconsin who lives a secluded life but works in an office in his town. One day, he decided to purchase a sex doll where he thought could be the love he has been waiting for. On the day the package arrived, he told his brother and sister-in-law that he has a visitor. The couple were surprised but worried about Lars. His delusion is slowly being accepted by townspeople because they have loved Lars since he was a kid.


Lars and the Real Girl is one of the rarest and most unique films made to touch the heart of the people. It is more than tear-jerking drama and moving film. 

Love and acceptance for the sweet-natured boy that they have always loved is the center theme of this movie. Movie lovers may think that this could be the best film ever in connection with people's tolerance and acceptance towards their loved ones suffering from delusion.

Most of the scenes may be hilarious at start but moving. The movie has incredibly powerful message to make people understand special people and giving them ability to understand more about acceptance, tolerance and compassion.  This movie is a good reference material on studying special people with similar dysfunctional condition.

Main Casts

Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom
Emily Mortimer as Karin Lindstrom
Paul Schneider as Gus Lindstrom
R. D. Reid as Reverend Bock
Kelli Garner as Margo
Nancy Beatty as Mrs. Gruner
Doug Lennox as Mr. Hofstedtler
Joe Bostick as Mr. Shaw
Liz Gordon as Mrs. Schindler
Nicky Guadagni as Mrs. Petersen

Patricia Clarkson as Dagmar Berman, MD

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  1. Medyo boring yung movie na ito. Pero ang interesting na part buong town nakisama at nakisakay na lang kay Lars.

  2. gold movie for me. thank you guys, whoever you are. bakit kasi walang author nakalagay dito? anong pakealam ko ba? hahahahahah