Throwback Movie: Law Abiding Citizen (2009 Film)

Throwback Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
Law Abiding Citizen. Clyde (Gerard Butler) was punched and gun-pointed by detective and district attorney in this scene while exhausting means to stop his crimes.  (Photo from New York Times website)

Law Abiding Citizen (2009 film) is and will be one of the favorite crime thriller movies of those people who are very frustrated with the justice system.


Clyde Shelton's wife and daughter are brutally murdered. Murderers were caught but because of the improper handling of District Attorney Nick Rice, the principal murderer were able to get out of the jail while the unwilling accomplice was put to death sentence.

Clyde engineered crimes to get vengeance against the criminals and some people in the government for their corrupt and incompetent practices.


The story is well-constructed and well-executed in this film. Many messages were told in less than two hours while enjoying series of scenes and crimes.

Corrupt practices and malpractices in the hall of justice are exposed. The scene where Clyde was about to be granted bail shows that some courts may lack diligence in dealing with cases that cause some injustice. Since this is an American film, it shows that even one of the richest and most stable countries is still suffer from this. Poor countries are worse than what is shown in the film.

Second, the film shows that police can do whatever it takes to do justice by doing injustice in the process. They intended to do wrong mean to arrive with a good end or result. The police, district attorney and the judge connive to achieve their goal.

This is a must see movie and worth watching over and over again. Actually, it can still have second part or a sequel since Clyde was not shown that he really died in the film. They may do twist in the beginning of the second part. Just hoping.

Main Casts
Gerard Butler as Clyde Alexander Shelton
Jamie Foxx as Nick Rice
Colm Meaney as Detective Dunnigan
Bruce McGill as Jonas Cantrell
Viola Davis as Mayor April Henry

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  1. law abiding citizen is one of the best movie ever

  2. how can one forget this such a good movie. i have watched this for more than 3 time already and will keep watching this every time that i'll have a very long weekends with nothing to do. sound silly but i agree that this film should have part 2 and the killing continues.