Health Secretary Garin hopes programs will continue under Duterte administration

Department of Health Secretary Janette Garin
Department of Health Secretary Janette Garin explains the importance of continuity of programs and policies to fasten up the government service. 
We are bidding good-byes to the President, Vice President, cabinet secretaries and department heads who led our country for 6 years, or less for some. Barely two months left, we’ll have a new set of leaders and appointees to almost all important departments.

As the country prepares for a new President, we hope that some good practices and programs will continue and some bad practices will be left as a lesson for all of us especially those policy makers in the government.

One of the Secretaries under the Aquino Administration who did well in policy and program making is Health Secretary Janette L. Garin. It is no doubt that she did well as Secretary of Department of Health even with less publicity compared to the previous health secretaries.

Secretary Garin assures that her program is for long term and the next administrator will just implement a good program and won't start from the scratch in running the health service program of the government.

Here are the few policies she made in the health department:

Maximizing the potential of non-board passers
As for her human resource policy, she created a policy of hiring non-board passers to help implement health programs of the government. This will create jobs, uplift and encourage these individuals, and help various programs in their own designations and specialties. There will be no wasted talents. The experience will also help them review or continue to review for their respective exams.

PhilHealth under Department of Health
For everyone’s knowledge, PhilHealth and DOH are two separate entities although they both deal with health. It is a bit ironic but it is.
Sec. Garin recommends that PhilHealth must be under DOH so these two government bodies will work side by side to give proper and faster health services to the Filipino people.

Long term plans
In line with the UN’s goals and the country’s needs, Sec. Garin created a long term goal to meet the needs of the increasing population and further reach out rural areas with less to non-availability of government service.

She advocates also for self-sustaining hospital and not just create new hospitals. The goal should not just erecting hospital but to sustain it.

We just all hope that her policies and plans will continue under the Duterte administration. Her plans can meet the Federal form of government since the goals are to help reach out rural areas.

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  1. Yeah sure. Keep the good practice or retain the program if it will make the health system better.

  2. Budget increased for health means more projects and better programs. Hope next admin will do better than this current. Dr. Garin is silent achiever but she lacks publicity and the needed interactions.