Movie Review: Angry Birds the Movie

Angry Bird the Movie

One of the most popular mobile application games in the past four years have landed a movie and still against those green-colored pigs.


Our verdict won’t come easy since Angry Birds are meant for kids and young people. However, most people who watch this film are adults. It is not surprising though since adults have the money to buy tickets for the film.

If the sense of being a kid and a young teen, this movie is already enjoyable and recommendable. Kids will already appreciate its graphics and storyline. No complaints about the film.

The film gives valuable teachings to young ones with its entertaining characters, voices and plot. Characters were not really mad characters which will actually surprise moviegoers. Characters the popular game have shared scenes in the movie.

If the adult will judge this, Angry Birds the Movie will turnout as unsatisfying. There will still be ‘parts or should have parts of the film’. This may be comparable to other films with same theme and target audience.
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  1. Terrible movie for those who do not have sense. lols