Movie Review: Just the 3 of Us

Story about a pilot and stewardess who had a one night stand in the bathroom of a bar. Stewardess got pregnant and asked the pilot to be responsible for this.


‘Just the 3 of Us’ tells about a weird and unique love story about a pilot and a woman who was impregnated inside a bathroom.

From the above mentioned plot, you can tell how the story will revolve and imagine some dramatic and funny subplots and that’s it. You may think of 4 subplots and end up having 3 correct scenarios.

The story is very predictable. You can even tell how it will go by just watching the trailer.

This romantic comedy can give you some laughs and little tears even if you can predict how it will end. It falls to the romcom brand of Philippine movie.
Jennylyn Mercado and John Lloyd Cruz are great in delivering their characters. However, they lack supporting characters for this film. Joel Torre can give the support they need but was given little share.
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