Movie Review: X-MEN, Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse

Apocalypse, one of the earliest and powerful mutants who absorbed other mutants’ power, was reawakened. He found out that Cairo is no longer a powerful nation and to able to regain it, he decided to recruit his four horsemen.


X-Men: Apocalypse promised to have a more compelling powerful enemy with its trailers. Apocalypse and his four horsemen are the villains they promised to bring in this film. These promises were disappointing in many ways.

Apocalypse is not really powerful. The only he is really big and powerful is in the minds of Charles and himself. The only powerful in the four horsemen is Magneto. He used to be the same person or X-Men. No difference aside from having a family.

Other characters have compelling acting and given enough exposure to give emphasis on their characters. Perhaps, this will give more time introducing them for a more X-Men films.

Again, there should be more given emphasis on the villains since they have the same mutants who will fight against them. Fighting scenes made them look weaker for mutants who were given more power by Apocalypse.

Although this film is a bit step backward from the previous X-Men franchise, this is a convincing and introductory part for the next film. Psylocke can be a good promise for the next film. Let’s just hope that her power is stronger in the next X-Men franchise.
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