Movie Review: Central Intelligence

Calvin (Kevin Hart), who was the most successful high school-er, met  his weirdest Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) after 20 years because of re-connection through Facebook. Little did Calvin know that Bob is being hunted by Central Intelligence Agency.


Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have a good chemistry for a typical partners-in-crime movies. They were both hilarious together and could deliver an hour long of laughters. 

The story, or should we say the begininning of the story, had so much 'throwback'. We really felt that the 'throwback' shown in the beginning is already enough. It took more than 20 minutes listening to sentiments from the past.

Fighting scenes were good at the beginning but the scenes and script were not that good. The fighting scenes between Dwayne Johnson and the CIA could predict the end of the story. The film failed at the end because of how they ended it.
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