Movie Review: Now You See Me 2

Now You See Me 2

The Horsemen are back with a new member. They face new challenges against old enemies with new counter tricks against their magic.


Now You See Me 2 is more interesting and give more details about how they actually have done many magic tricks. Unlike in the first film, the horsemen were shown doing some magic tricks while it is happening. The first film revealed how they have done it after they accomplished the heist.

The story has a lot of plots but all were equally interesting. The only plot in the film that will make you remember the last one is the inclusion of new horsemen and the character of the replaced one.

Isla Fisher, who played Henley Reeves, was replaced by equally good actress, Lizzy Caplan who played Lula. Lizzy Caplan did great and did not replicate the character of Isla Fisher.

This second film has deeper story and will introduce you to a deeper third film. It has story of its own but make you wonder and excited for more in the future. Revelations were shown in different plots.

If you have certain character that you like, you won’t have to worry since each important character, especially the horsemen, were given equal limelight. The inclusion of Daniel Radcliffe and some new actors in the film were good addition to the story. Such equal distribution of roles and added characters did not spoil the story of the film. Instead, it made more interesting. With that, however, made the film longer. It was like a first film of a series.
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  1. Trailers made me search for this film. I mean, the viral video from FB. Nice review btw. I missed this film months ago and forgot to include in my checklist. Hope you post trailers in your reviews.

  2. This is way better than the first episode!