Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2, Out of the Shadow

The four teenage mutant ninja turtles are back with tougher mission and personal struggle to come out of the shadow.

Shredder has escaped and created two monsters to help him conquer the world and to defeat Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael. They are also be dealing with unknown creatures from the outer space.


The overall appearance of the film seemed to be similar to the Transformer films wherein Megan Fox was a star in the first two film. The giant robot with a monster named Krang sounds like robots from the Transformer.

The two struggles in the story actually made the story viewable. The first struggle is, of course, Shredder who was able to escape and accidentally bumped with Krang. The second is their personal ambition to be part of normal community of humans.

Stephen Amell as Casey Jones is an added value for the marketability of the film but provided little grounds for the story. The character struggles in the film. His participation is not well-written.

Fighting scenes were boring compared to the first installment. The only scene that provided thrill was the fight with two giant monsters. Other than that, everything else lacks thrill and excitement. 
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  1. the first film was awesome. the second film is better. my opinion