Movie Review: Warcraft, The Beginning

Warcraft: The Beginning

Warcraft: The Beginning is the first film adaptation of decade-long popular computer games with the same name.

Warcraft film adaptation might fail gamers’ critical expectation but might be considered as enjoyable film. Storyline will remind them of the game they played twenty years ago.

Characters might not have equal representations in the film because the filmmakers must come up with a story to tell and do not defeat the purpose of having the film version. Still, they need to have other races and factions’ minor to major participation in the story.

The way they articulate the story is satisfactory for a first film franchise. If Warcraft won’t have continuation, it will turn out disappointing. The story is not complete and unsatisfying. It needs another film because, again, they need to show and tell stories of other races and factions.

Creative and sounds effects are commendable, however, they should gotten some familiar effects from the game. It might also help upbeat Warcraft gamers’ imaginations. Human capacity in the film was limited compared to the original film franchise.
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  1. story should have been expanded more than the story told in the game.

  2. not a satisfying movie but looking forward to more from this franchise

  3. sobrang bitin ng movie na to