Food Review: Abe Restaurant

Abe Restaurant Megamall

We heard many good testimonies about Abe Restaurant, mostly from co-workers who love eating and shopping in Shaw-Ortigas Area. So when we decided to go there, we went to this restaurant and see for ourselves.

Abe Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant that serves delicious Filipino dishes with some fusions and twists.

This restaurant is a bit expensive but the experience was great. The food? Here’s our verdict:

Abe Restaurant Megamall

Sinigang sa Ube is the best we have ever tasted. We have tried it before in the province but this one is the best. They have all the necessary ingredients and of course the know-how in cooking such scrumptious dish.

Abe Restaurant Megamall

Adobong Pusit is very tasty and can be eaten with or without rice. We love adobong pusit, so we tried one. It went beyond our expectations. Abe were generous with their ingredients. No wonder it tasted great for us.

Abe Restaurant Megamall

Pritong hito has distinct taste from other kind of fishes. The way they presented the dish is not oily unlike the way some restaurants do it. It is also crispy with some parts as crunchy.

We recommend this for drinking session but what we worry is the crispiness will not last long.

Lastly, here's the good view of the restaurant in Megamall in Shaw Mandaluyong. Enjoy when you get there to eat. 

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  1. I agree with the a 'bit expensive' because I'm just an average manager managing a small department from a big company.

  2. Abe Restaurant in Megamall Mandaluyong. I miss this place. Yummy!