Food Review: Casa Verde's Mighty Ton and Death by Chocolate

Casa Verde MegamallWe bumped into this restaurant out of curiosity since we haven’t heard anything about Casa Verde. The reason was this restaurant was full-packed.

Since there were about four to five tables are having their big burgers, we also ordered one. We tried Mighty Ton burger with cheese-flavored fries and chocolate ice cream.

Here’s the verdict:

Casa Verde Mighty Ton

Casa Verde's Mighty Ton is not just a size-intimidating burger. This mighty burger will give a superb experience. It is super tasty, yummy and stomach-troublesome. You will want more but you can’t eat whole.

Seriously, if you are all girls or have little space for food, one order is more than enough for a group of 8. Four heavy-eating guys will be satisfied. A might be a bad idea for dating couples unless you will eat more after taking it out.

Mighty Ton burger has cheese fries which can make you even fuller. One good thing about Casa Verde in Megamall is that they are generous with ingredients, both with the burger and the fries.

Don’t mind the price since Mighty Ton will seem cheap if you are eating in group. It is somehow cheaper compared to some burger joints.

Casa Verde Death by Chocolate

Speaking of generous, the chocolate ice cream called Death by Chocolate is satisfying in terms of the taste and the amount. It is big with its price in a restaurant. Its chocolate combination cannot be found in many ice cream store so having it is recommended every other times you will be there.

Again, if you are going or planning to eat in this restaurant, make sure you bring many friends or loved ones with you. Just a friendly reminder.

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  1. Di pwd sa mga nagda-diet dahil sobrang sarap na malaki pa pagkain dito. Sa UP meron nito

  2. It is name Casa Verde Too. You lack the word 'Too'. :D :D

  3. Laki naman yan. sobrang sarap siguro