Throwback Movie: Small Soldier (1998)

Small Soldier 1998 Film

Small Soldiers are about toys created by scientist who integrated chips in actions figures – The Commando Elites and the Gorgonytes. Little did they know that the action figures can really and actually do what they expected them to do.

The battle between Commando Elites and the Gorgonyte commenced when the leader of the Commando Elite decided to eliminate the Gorgonyte in the Toy Store.


Even if this movie was shown 18 years ago, it can still surpass some similar movies shown after it was released. Animation, action and its simple story are still up-to-date and as if it was created recently.

For some, it is one of the most underappreciated movies in the last twenty years. It should been one of the best films even its genre. It can be one of the top 50 movies in the last 2 decades.

The animation and effects never get old. Only the actors got older as we saw teenage version of Kirsten Dunst, one of the most versatile actress today.

Kids may still enjoy this more compared to other similar type of movies.

This brings back memories of the 90’s kids. They may still be proud of this old classy film they have seen in the late 90’s.

This film deserves a sequel as 90's kids waited for years.
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  1. I just watched this movie recently. Nakalimutan ko na matagal na pala itong movie na ito.Parang di gawa sa 90's kasi kayang makipagsabayan yung movie na ito sa mga pinapalabas ngayon.

  2. Underrated movie. This one is so effin good