Food Review: Mangan Restaurant

Mangan Restaurant

We were a bit surprised that Mangan Restaurant is not owned by Ilocanos but instead by Pampange├▒o. This restaurant is owned by Cabalen, a popular and well-established eat-all-you-can restaurant.

Knowing that information before ordering, we set high standard for this restaurant. We got more for what we expected - this is one of the best restaurant in Metro Manila serving Filipino food!

Let's go into more details from what we ordered and here's our verdict:

Mangan Restaurant
Fresh cucumber lemon juice
Typically, most restaurants are serving the drinks first before the main dishes or appetizers. Mangan did the same thing. We drank a bit and were amazed with the taste.

The combination of fresh fibers from cucumber and flavor of lemon, we were convinced that this cooler is really refreshing.

We don't post or write anything about drinks in this blog unless it is all about drinks. We usually don't recommend drinking some juices while having a meal in a restaurant. In this case, we recommend ordering this.

No feeling of being satiated during the meal. Just drink enough of fresh cucumber lemon juice and you may resume eating some more.

Mangan Restaurant
Bangus pinangat with santol

Bangus Pinangat with Santol is Mangan's special dish for the month. This is a delectable Filipino dish just right for the rainy season. The soup's sourness is like paksiw na bangus but with the slight sweetness from the seed and the distinct taste of santol fruit (wild mangosteen). Truly, this soup dish will make you kilig or shiver as you take a sip.

Mangan Restaurant
Sisig ni Mely

Sisig ni Mely is so flavorful you can't help but grab some rice to make the meal enjoyable. You can't get enough of it. Once you had that spoonful you'll never stop craving for more. The crispiness of the meat just adds up that kick.

Mangan Restaurant
Lengua with mushroom

Lengua with mushroom is very creamy and the lengua is very soft.  The beefy taste of lengue stands out aside from the strong flavors of cream, mushroom and onion.
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  1. grabe siguro ang sarap ng mga pagkain dito

  2. Wow! Looks delicious!

  3. Wow! Looks delicious!