Food Review: Mesa Moderne

Mesa Moderne or simply called Mesa is a restaurant serving Filipino food that is rapidly booming in the country. We were curious about this restaurant if they have some twists to the typical Filipino dishes from other restaurants.

We tried three foods in its Megamall branch in Mandaluyong City and here’s our verdict:

Ostrich Salpicao

Ostrich Salpicao is best eaten when it is combined with rice and not a good recommendation when you are eating without rice like we did at the start.

It smells differently from other salpicao recipes. We do not know if it is really salpicao or not. Maybe because of the ostrich meat. This means that ostrich meat has a distinct and strong smell even if you put many seasonings.

Mesa Moderne

Baby Squid Sautéed with its Own Ink is a food that we recommend. Although we have tasted similar dish in other restaurants and have similar taste, we can say that this is a must try. At least you don’t have to go in the province to taste similar dish.

Mesa Moderne

The best way to end your eating experience in Mesa is to have Crispy Leche Flan. This is unique to us since this is our first time trying such. It is like having leche flan in a crispy roll. They can name it that way, too.

Mesa Moderne is not impressive. Too much interior aspects made the place crowdy. The place is not relaxing.  We know that they should set their interiors based on Filipino setup, but it is too much.

Last thing, we were amazed with their glass. Check out their restaurant why.

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  1. Mesa Greenbelt made us wait for 45 minutes.

  2. Di masarap mga pagkain dito

  3. Bad experience eating here. Just like the previous comment posted above.

  4. aweful taste. all food