Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

The United States Government has an unconventional plan to fight an existing danger, convening the most skillful but dangerous group of criminals – the Suicide Squad.


First of all, do not look upon those negative reviews because Suicide Squad is superbly chaotic with a deep sense of politics. Maybe the US Government hates being criticized through creative visualization.

Introduction of all necessary characters were brief and concise. It was pleasingly presented.

Joker and Harley Quinn’s characters and stories were expected but it will make you think that there will be separate movie coming up for them. They had a fair share to the upbeat of the movie. The sense of love and power were focal points for them in this film.

Fight actions were already satisfying. Maybe the disappointing part of the film was less participation from the character of Joker since he was highly sensationalized during the promotion of the film. But again, Joker has a fair share to the film and part of the strategy to promote the film. This may be the reason why it has gotten many negative reviews.

The storyline is not disappointing. It was actually commendable. Putting comedy in a dark film animated many moviegoers. Although if you compare it to some franchise film with a similar concept, it will not stand out. Harley Quinn could have been funnier should she have more time with Boomerang and Killer Croc.

Actors in this film were not really convincing, although they are funny in some scenes. Killer Croc tried to make fun, but a bit corny. There could have been more lines in his scripts. El Diablo’s character was not also convincing. This is for both the actor and his participation in the film.

This film is not near negative. It is near to a great viewing experience. The story and the creative effects will capture into understanding the film and the message it wants to convey.
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  1. It is not really a disappointing movie. Yes, do not listen to the naysayers. Enjoy the epic film

  2. Too light for a DC but too dark for Marvel. You can start from there to review this.

  3. sobrang ganda ng movie na to. may torrent ba dito? link naman. gusto ko ulitin