Food Review: Heaven and Eggs Breakfast

The Round Juan Team tried for the first time Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta just to feel the food of Baguio and Lucban Laguna.

Heaven and Eggs are serving Filipino breakfast meals regardless of what time you will come and you will not be disappointed.

Fried authentic Lucban longganisa with two eggs. Home made atchara, tomato, salted egg and lettuce. Served with garlic rice.

The Lucban longganisa is has a strong garlic flavor and a hint of sourness. It is just as the same as an ordinary Lucban longganisa. Heaven and Eggs did a really good job in thinking of other items to combine with the Lucban longganisa to enhance and compliments each’s own flavor and taste. One of it is the egg. It releases the flavor of Lucban longganisa which make it more enjoyable. The atchara, tomato and lettuce washes off the umami taste of Lucban left on your tongue which makes the dish more enjoyable as you won’t get weary of tasting the garlic and flavorsome Lucban Longganisa and garlic rice.

Steak Heaven and Eggs

The rib-eye steak was served with two eggs, potato wedges, coleslaw and buttered corn kernel.

The potato wedges were a little bit under cooked but very well seasoned. The buttered corn kernel is a perfect match for the steak and it is very appetizing. The coleslaw is fresh and heavenly, it removes and refreshes your tongue from the after taste of the steak, egg and potato wedges.

The steak was great it was very tender and juicy. The perfectly seared steak was rich in flavor, especially when you eat it with the gravy. But, when you eat it with eggs, I must it is truly heaven with the eggs.
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