Movie Review: I.T. (2016)

I.T. Movie (2016)

I.T. movie tells a deep and dark story about a rich man living with his family on a very hi-tech home but was attacked through digital privacy hacking.


I.T. movie offers another level of cybercrime film but the whole story is a bit predictable.

Pierce Brosnan plays Mike Regan, a rich man living with his wife and daughter in a home relying heavily on digital technology. His role is convincing in this film like he was reprising his James Bond films. The difference will only is that he doesn’t know much about technology.

James Frecheville who plays Ed Porter, the main antagonist, was the center of the story and carried the film all throughout. His acting was convincing as a psychopath who seems normal when with people. He also convincing as a easily carried away by his emotion especially rejection. Even when some scenes will story about him, his portrayal will already tell moviegoers that he is a psychopath with possible dark family problems.

The film was good but the thrill was not enough to bring the sense to the bones. We thought that there will be intense scenes between Ed Porter and the old IT friend of Mike in the film. Instead of having more tense, the film went for disappointment.

Its ending offers a little to extend its thrill and sensation. Nothing is expected much about information technology.

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