Movie Review: Pete's Dragon

Movie Review: Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon is a fantasy adventure film by Disney Picture that is set in late 1970 where a young boy lived with a dragon for 6 years.


Pete's Dragon is truly an amazing movie for kids and one of the best films this year. The story is generally for children so it is not surprising that it has simple and slow story development.

The films shown in 2016 has improved a lot when it comes to combining animation and realistic film. One of those is the Pete's Dragon. CGI is not that exaggerated and blended well in reality. Post production crews of this film did their job really good.

Potrayal of dragon is usually scary but Disney made it cute and adorable. Well, it is for kids anyway. Having green hair and a bit fluffy is not usual for a dragon. Its appearance is not scary. Although it is cute, it still spit fire to protect self against enemies when needed.

The soundtrack for this film made it more appealable to kids as they continuously play a slow song which can be memorized easily by the young ones. 

Robert Redford, who played as Meacham, did well as supporting cast as well as the narrator for the film. This made the film more easily understandable or a guide to understand the story much better.

They shot the film in New Zealand and made tourists want to go there again. The place is perfect for this kind of film because of its wonderful sceneries.
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