Movie Review: Train to Busan

Train to Busan movie review

Train to Busan centers around a father and daughter who are in their way to Busan via train. At the start of travel began an unexpected journey with zombies and people who are suddenly became zombies after being bitten.


This is the best zombie film in a decade.

Train to Busan gave its audience the horror, the thrill and the unexpected laugh and drama. The combination of these genres is unexpected in a zombie movie. It gave the touch of western quality and the Asian drama.

The start of the film will give its audience an ample time preparing for almost non-stop thrill. The movie needs to add some minutes of boredom but important scenes. Boredom for those who sought pure thrill. After these few minutes, everything else will blow your imagination.

Although this may be compared to World War Z, this zombie film is way better. The story is better in some aspects such as the background of the characters. The only point that World War Z is better than Train to Busan is the explanation why zombies has occurred.

Actors are convincing. Lead actors really led the film with their superb acting. They all had important part. They can make you excited, cry, laugh and angry. They are perfect.

Effects, make-up and editing are outstanding. This adds value to the story and acting. There is no need to add some unrealistic effects. They did it right.
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  1. This is now my favorite movie so far!

  2. After watching this movie, i felt tired. Damn! This move is just full of thrill!