Travel Time: Extreme Life in Northern Mindanao

If you need to freshen your mind and scream out your lungs to release all the stress, you need to have a vacation. Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon are two places in Northern Mindanao that will offer you a full thrill and excitement. These places offer the combination of nature and city life. The simplicity of the environment and hospitality of the people will not make you leave these places.

Cagayan De Oro is just an hour and a half flight from Manila. After landing, we suggest to head straight to Bukidnon to visit the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Dahilayan Forest Park, these places are another hour and a half ride. So make sure that you’ll grab the earliest flight to Cagayan De Oro to have more time to explore for Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park have to offer.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is a venue for screams and fun. It offers a promising challenge and adventure.

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is more on ropes activities. When we say rope activities they have sky tower; base jump, a ride where you have to free fall from a 8 storey platform; Python Roller Zipride, is a 500 meters zip line roller coaster where glide, drop, swing, and roll just like a roller coaster ride; flying lizard canopy glider, with this activity you’ll get to ride a recumbent bike gliding in wires; Dropzone Ride, is a 120ft free fall pendulum swing where it will swoop you above water surface that will surely make you scream; Rope Courses like crossing between two towers with hanging ropes, nets and etc.; and lastly, the main course of the Adventure park is the Zipline, if you need a warm up from this extreme and adrenaline rush activity you might want to try the short Zipline course, the 320meter and 150 meter Zipline. But if you are really into adventure I suggest to skip the short course zip line and try the Asia’s 1st Longest Dual Zipline, it is a 840 meter zip line that will make you swoosh through a rainforest. Enjoy the thrill, the cold air sifting thru your face and the green and freshness of nature.

The Dahilayan Forest Park also offers a variety of activities for kids and parents to bond. They have the Forest Luge, it is a part go-cart and a part sled. It is a ride downhill that will surely fun for all ages; Forest Putt Mini Golf, is suitable for family bonding because if its 18-hole course with extra challenges with the added view of nature; another activity that will make the kids let go of their gadgets is the Treetop Adventure where they climb ladders, cross bridges and crawl through tunnels; and ATV and Barrel Train is a way of exploring the forest, and enjoy the remarkable view.

That’s all for the dry activity lets go for the wet one, the White Water Rafting. This activity must not be missed, as your travel in Cagayan De Oro will not be complete. This death defying activity will give zest to your life and toughness to your guts during and after this extreme activity.

Kagay, Red Rafts, and The Great White Water Tours are the companies who will provide a service that is fun, exciting and safe. They offer different types of tour, or shall I say level, the Beginners, Advance and Expert. The different type of level varies from number of hours, number of rapids, and speed. If you are just a first-timer, don’t worry, before starting the tour, the tour guide will a short lecture of do’s and don’t’s.

Other extreme sports to try in the Cagayan De Oro kayaking, river trekking, canyoneering and caving. These activities will surely make you appreciate the nature and learn to take care of the environment.

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