Travel Time: Island Hopping Zambales

Looking for another trip outside the busy capital of the Philippines? Zambales should in your list to go to for your vacation.

Zambales is just 3 hours away from Manila. It is just like travelling from north point to south side of Metro Manila. The difference is you will experience less to no stress from traffic.

Zambales has a lot to offer. Let us just take you to one of its side. The Anawangin-Pandaquit area will already suffice your need to relax. This area is already an up and coming tourist destination in the Philippines.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

Here's a sneak peak from the Potipot Island. Staying in this island will make you feel like your in Boracay but of course, with less people. What you can do here is to enjoy the beach, the heat of the sun and picture taking. You can also play games here.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

View from afar is the Camara Island. This beautiful island is a rock formation that is also frequently being visited by my tourists. It also has white sand and blue water.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

We bet you will enjoy swimming in this beautiful shore of Camara Island. Just make sure that you bring your friends with you.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

It is not enough to spend half day for islands hopping. You may still enjoy your night on the shore during sun set. In fact, there are many photographers who are taking great photos in Pandaquit Beach. If you are a photographer, you will surely enjoy taking beautiful shots.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

If you ever visit Zambales, make sure you enjoy every simple thing it offers. Just like this one in Anawangin Cove. At the end of the day, you are here to relax and enjoy.

Zambales Island Hopping Island

Make sure you thank your guide at the end of your trip. They are not  to make trip happy and safe but also protect the nature you enjoy.

(Photo by GXA Family)

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