Food Review: Pancake House

Pancake House is one of the most popular restaurants in Metro Manila and some parts of the Philippines that serves delicious pancakes. They do not just serve pancake all day but also some delectable dishes for lunch and dinners.

Pancake House is unique for serving fluffy and delicious pancakes. Some will like their pancakes and some will really love them.

Classic Pancake. The homey goodness of plain golden pancakes served with whipped butter and maple syrup.

Pancake were so fluffy and soft to bite. They were perfectly cooked and really consistent with their serving every time we get there in all pancakes they serve. It is not sticky when chewing it. The Pancake House was very generous in size and portions of the pancake. What we also loved was they gave us a full ceramic hollow ware of maple syrup.

Roast Beef Special Set - Roast beef with vegetables on the side Caesar salad, rice and iced tea

The roast beef was thinly sliced and cooked well done. The taste of the gravy was a bit dull, but they have condiments like liquid seasoning and Lee and Perrins that can satisfy your taste bud. The Caesar salad was perfect. The bacon bits and croutons add excitement to your mouth as you take a bite with the fresh lettuce.

The sides of buttered corn and carrots were perfectly cooked too.

Waffle Foldover. Golden brown waffles on the outside, peanut butter, two hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream, and candy-coated chocolate bites on the inside

The waffle foldover was delicious. The crunch of the waffle and the softness of the ice cream was heaven because it was a perfect combination. As you are enjoying the waffle you will experience another luscious feeling because you will not be expecting a peanut butter spread on the waffle this will add more flavor to your taste bud.

Orange Freeze. Orange freeze is a combination of Royal softdrinks and ice cream. The combination was good but when ice cream is on the half way of being melt, Royal softdrinks will be the dominant taste.

Rootbeer Float. Rootbeer and ice cream combination of Pancake house is perfect for those who love really sweet refreshment. This is way better than any popular floats.
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