Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Movie Review Doctor Strange

An intelligent but arrogant doctor, Dr. Stephen Strange, had an accident and wasn't able to bring back his normal hand, decided to go Nepal and meet someone who can possibly bring his normal self back.


Doctor Strange reminds us of the 2010 hit film, Inception, because of its similar imagery and effects. The technology now made the Doctor Strange better than Inception. They have realized the technology really well. Moviegoers can also compare some effects from Harry Potter and Starwars during fighting scenes. These combinations made the film graphics-heavy.

The film is not all-graphic-film. The plot and subplots can offer a lot. The development of the story is fast enough to introduce and entertain the moviegoers. No boring scenes for the Doctor Strange even they still have to introduce who Doctor Strange is for the first timers who know nothing about this Marvel superhero.

Benedict Cumberbatch had little effort in fitting in as Doctor Strange. His character in this film is similar to his previous projects like Sherlock and The Imitation Game films. His brand of acting like being arrogant but funny fit to the character. Doctor Strange has PhD and one of the popular neuro-surgeon in the United States.

Supporting casts did well, too. Rachel McAdams who played Christine and as Doctor Strange's love interest has given the film's depth in terms of having sense of humanity and love in a superhero movie. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton are at their best portraying their respective roles.

In the end, similar to every superhero franchise, the Marvel will tell you that being genius can make you a superhero.
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