Travel Time: Tips for Travelling Abroad

Travel Abroad Checklist

Here's a checklist if you are planning to travel abroad.


1. Always make sure your passport is valid and still have more months left before expiration. This will avoid being rejected. Tons of people have experienced this before.

2. Make sure you have copies of your passport in case of loss. This will somehow prove your citizenship and will have easy identification by authorities from the country you are visiting. Also, an easy way for your embassy to legally identify you.


3. Research on local travel. Relying so much on your agency's guide will sometime fail you. Google everything you need to know. An hour or two of research will spare you to a day or two of troubles.

4. Read reviews. Reviews are point of views of people who have been in the place before.


5. Budget carefully. Do not spend more than the budget allocated for your travel. You can check the internet on how much money one can spend in a particular country.

6. Convert cash into local money. Tourists can only use their credit cards in fancy restaurants and hotels but not in buses, trains and low-key restaurants.

7. Must have contingency money. Contingency money is emergency money. Do not spend it for shopping.


8. Bring everything you need. Aside from all clothes you need, check your phone, camera, extra batteries and chargers.There are some necessities that can be bought. Don't burden yourself.

9. Have a space in your luggage. This will allow you to have space for souvenirs.

10.  Make sure you follow airline policies. This is just to avoid some inconvenience.
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