2016 Top 20 News of the Year

Philippine Top News for 2016

The year 2016 is a combination of good and bad news, but the newsmakers usually are the bad ones. We take a look at the biggest stories that generated alarm, buzz, and controversies from inside and outside of the country. 

Here are the top 20 news that we have witnessed in the Philippines through different news outlets:

Top 20 News of the Year: The Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Manila 

After losing the FIBA Asia Championship against the host country, Chinese Basketball team, the Philippines won the bid for hosting the FIBA OQT. 
Unfortunately, the Gilas Pilipinas lost two straight games against New Zealand and France, and was eliminated. 

The French team won the Finals and a slot for the Olympics Basketball.
Top 19 News of the Year: Supreme Court’s ruling over Grace Poe’s Citizenship

The second was appealed through the Commission on Election and dismissed her from running for president. The case was escalated in the Supreme Court where they ruled in favor of Poe.

Senator Grace Poe’s citizenship was questioned a number of times by her rivals. The Senate Electoral Tribunal voted in favor of her in the attempt to dismiss her from office. 

Top 18 News of the Year: Philippine Basketball Champions

The year started with San Miguel winning the Philippine Cup Finals series with a comeback from 0-3 against Alaska. The series was considered a miracle for San Miguel but shameful choke for the Alaska Aces.

Alaska Aces and Rain or Shine Elasto Painters went head-to-head in the Commissioner’s Cup. At the end, it was the Elasto Painters who grabbed the championship title.

The Governor’s Cup was a sweet year-ender for the Ginebra San Miguel Gin Kings. They grabbed the Championship through a buzzer beater win against the Meralco Bolts, a first-timer championship contender.

Top 17 News of the Year: The Brexit 

The British Exit from European Union made so much panics around the world and how it will affect the trade in Britain, Europe and their relations to other parts of the world. A referendum held last June made the British government to leave the EU. About 52% of the people voted for the Brexit.

Top 16 News of the Year: Rio Olympics

The 31st Olympics was held in Rio, Brazil. The quadrennial multi-sports event was participated by 11,000 representatives. 

The United States got the most gold medals followed by Great Britain, China, Russia and Germany. Michael Phelps of the United States Swimming Team and Usain Bolts of Jamaican Track and Field Team dominated their respective individual events. 

One of the most unique in this event is that the refugees affected by ongoing war were given a chance to compete in the Olympics. The Olympics formed a Refugee Olympic Team.

Top 15 News: The Syrian Civil War and the Syrian Refugees

The Syrian Civil War that started in 2011 is far from over as bombing occurs from different parts of the countries by different armed factions including the ISIS. This ongoing war leads to the war crisis in Arabic spring and migrant crisis. 

The Syrians seeking refuge in Europe and United States led to different debates and issues, whether to accept them, limit or not.

Top 14 News: The Philippines’ Silver Medal in Olympics

Hidilyn Diaz broke the 20-year Olympic medal drought by grabbing the silver medal in weightlifting event. The medal is the first since Onyok Velasco won in 1996 in a boxing event. Aside from the silver medal, Hidilyn Diaz also won P5 million pesos from the government as part of the reward system.

Top 13 News: Philippine wins Maritime Dispute against China

The five-member panel ruled in favor of the Philippine against China’s 9-dash rule which claims many parts of the West Philippine Sea.

The 9-dash rule of China was upheld as excessive and encroached into the Philippines' 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ). After the ruling, China insists that it will not adhere to the rules.

Top 12 News:  NBA Finals – Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors

The 2016 NBA Finals is a rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were the favorite to win the Finals since they are the defending the title and had a phenomenal 73-9 (win-loss) regular season. 

Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving’s led team won the series in a very decisive Game 7 in Golden State. Lebron James’ block and Kyrie Irving’s clutch shot sealed the win in the crucial minutes of the game. The Warriors blew a 3-1 advantage which is first in the Finals history.

Top 11 News: Local Celebrity deaths

The death of directors who died because of health issues related to work became controversial this year. Directors Wenn Deramas, Francis Xavier Pasion and Uro dela Cruz prove that hectic and grueling schedules of showbiz are fatal. This led to calls to regulate the working hours of directors and workers in the showbiz industry.

Top 10 News of the Year: UAAP and NCAA Champions

It is a sweep season for two college basketball finals this year for both UAAP and NCAA Philippines.

San Beda Red Lions regained the NCAA crown from Letran Knights after sweeping Arellano University in the Finals.

The Letran Knights failed to regain their crown and also did not even manage to have a spot in the Final Four. 

Fierced rivals, Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University faced off once more in the Finals. It was the DLSU Archers won got the championship crown by sweeping the Blue Eagles.

The Green Archers were the favorites this year since they have acquired great talents and a new champion coach Aldin Ayo from the Letran Knights in the NCAA.

Top 9 News of the Year: Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza

Kylie Verzosa was crowned Miss International 2016 that was held in Japan. She wowed the world with her stunning beauty and brilliant personality. She is the sixth Filipina who won the Miss International title.

Top 8 News of the Year: Davao Bombing

Fifteen people, including a pregnant woman, died when the Roxas Night Market was bombed by terrorist. Abu Sayyaf and Maute Group claimed the responsibility over the attack.

Abu Sayyaf has a link to Maute Group, an international terrorist group. The motive of the attack is retaliation to the ongoing government’s military operation against Abu Sayyaf in Sulu.

Top 7 News of the Year: Terrorist Attacks in France and Belgium

There were series of attacks happened in Europe this year. France was again the subject of terror attacks after gruesome attacks last 2015. During the Bastille’s Day celebration in Nice, people were attacked by a terrorist by mowing them using truck.

Separate airport bombings occurred in Brussel, Belgium. They were more than 30 were killed and 300 more were seriously injured. This is said to be the deadliest terror attack in Belgium. Those involved in Paris attacks last year were also responsible to these attacks.

Top 6 News of the Year: United States Presidential Election

The world was watching during the long campaign for the US Presidential Election. There were many nominees and aspirants to the position but the businessman, Donald Trump and the long-time politician, Hillary Clinton, who got the official nods from their respective parties.

Donald Trump was elected president in highly-contested election. Clinton got the popularity vote but Trump manage to gather more than 270 electoral vote. Trump is the third president who won presidency but lost the popular votes.

Top 5 News of the Year: President Ferdinand Marcos Burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani

The order of President Rodrigo Duterte to have former president Ferdinand Marcos buried made rounds of criticisms and protests in every part of the country. Martial law victims and activists were the ones who led numbers of protests. This issue was also raised in the Supreme Court but the magistrates ruled in favor of the Marcoses.

Top 4 News of the Year: Anti-Drug War of President Duterte

President Duterte promised to end illegal drug problems in the Philippine in six months. Series of raids, house to house calls to end the illegal activities which they call ‘Oplan Tokhang’ and investigations were conducted and still ongoing. The six months duration of the goal to end drugs was extended because of its level of seriousness according to the president.

Top 3 News of the Year:  Extra-Judicial Killings in the Philippines

The extra judicial killings or EJK became household items in the TV, internet and other media this year. From the election period until now, it became source of daily news.

Martial law and the Davao Death Squad issues reappeared after series of police operations and non-police operations that caused thousands of deaths with few months. This became subject of congressional inquiries and media sensations.
Series of debates and interviews are also everywhere regarding who committed EJKs, what is EJK and legitimate police operations. Some alleged EJKs were committed by

Top 2 News of the Year: President Duterte and Senator De Lima

For many reasons, President Duterte and Leila De Lima are the top newsmaker for this year.

The war on drugs, jokes and cursing made President Duterte attention grabber inside and outside the country. On every action of the president, Sen. De Lima counters with either press conference or senate inquiry.

Sen. De Lima was also subjected by investigation and congressional hearings by the allies of the President. The alleged links to the drug cartel in the National Bilibid Prison and different parts of the country were hurled against the lady senator.

On the other side, President Duterte and his alleged links to the Davao Death Squad, or DDS, was a big controversy thrown by Liberal Party senators and the rest of the opposition against the president.

Top 1 News of the Year: The Philippine Presidential Election 2016

The Philippines and the world cannot have President Duterte without the election.

As usual, the election is a period of black propagandas, criticisms, issues and debates. 

President Duterte has his own cursing, anti-drug issues and alleged hidden bank accounts. 

For Sen. Poe, her citizenship was the biggest issue and being a newbie in the political arena. 

Vice President Binay struggled with the corruptions controversies fired against him in the alleged Makati City Hall building overpricing and other projects in his local city. 

Mar Roxas strived to answer all alleged inefficiencies of the Aquino Administration and his stint in his different cabinet posts.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago's health was the biggest issue thrown against her and can't lead the country having cancer. The feisty senator succumbed to cancer after years of struggling.

On the other issue, the race for the vice presidency, Sen. Bongbong Marcos alleged that there was cheating during the election that made Leni Robredo win with slim margin. 

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