Food Review: Crunchy Salmon Maki (Jipan cafe and bakery)

Jipan cafe and bakery

Are you bored of just an old maki roll and want a new style of maki roll? Jipan cafe and bakery offers the Crunchy Salmon Maki. Read the list below why this new style is a great one to try:

Flavor ★★★★✰
The Crunchy Salmon Maki has many different ingredients with distinct taste and when combined, it creates a marvelous taste. It is sweet, acidic and spicy all at the same time. It is not a surprise as the Jipan cafe and bakery used so many ingredients to create a wonderful dish.

Texture ★★★★✰
The Crunchy Salmon Maki of Jipan cafe and bakery has a very playful texture that excites your mouth and appetite.  The maki roll is soft to bite with crunchy toppings. The crunchiness of croutons and tempura flakes adds excitement to the maki roll, as what its name says, it is indeed crunchy.

The Crunchy Salmon Maki is neatly lined up and plated and the height of the maki roll added a wow factor to the dish. The color orange topping will boost your appetite, which makes it more appealing.
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