Food Review: Pad Thai Vegetarian (Jatujak)


The Jatujak’s Pad Thai has 3 varieties that you may choosevegetarian, prawn and chicken. Aside from having these choices, it also tasted like an authentic Pad Thai, the reason why is listed below:

Flavor ★★★★✰
The Pad Thai Vegetarian tastes close to the authentic Pad Thai of Thailand. It has a strong sweet peanut flavor. It maybe more savory if we ordered prawns or chicken Pad Thai. The lime adds sourness to the dish that balances the taste of the dish.

Texture ★★★★✰
The Jatujak’s Pad Thai Vegetarian has a surprisingly different texture for a noodle dish. The noodles are soft and chewy that is very fun to eat. Aside from the al dente noodles, the fresh bean sprout, carrots, and crushed peanut add a crunchy texture that made this dish so fascinating.

The plating of Jatujak’s Pad Thai is very appealing and appetizing to the eyes because of the bright colors of the vegetables. The garnishes, lime, and cilantro, also add color to the dish. The noodles were not plated as flat, but with a height that made it looked like they serve a big portion which made it more tempting to eat.
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