Game Review: Little Commander World War II

Little Commander World War II Tower Defense Game

Little Commander World War II is a tower, defense and military game by Cat Studio. It is available for mobile game.


The game is a typical tower defense game.

During the playtime, the towers can be upgraded four times. You will need to earn money from the rewards by killing the passing enemies.

Towers' overall firepowers can also be upgraded. Every time you finish a mission or an endless game, rewards are given and these rewards can be used for the upgrade.

There are three options to play this game - campaign, endless, and single life.

Campaigns are usually to keep players going by playing into different maps and levels.

Endless will let players proceed to as many level as they can with limited life.

Single life is a game where you are only allowed to let one enemy pass your defense.


Little Commander fails on overall graphics but they have cute characters and they game is addictive.

It failed the graphic department since it looks like a game from late 90's to early 2000's. However, towers are designed cute.

The game is addictive because of the length of the playtime. There are about 30 to 40 waves on the regular campaign. This will let players think carefully of their strategies during the game. 
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