Food Review: Beef Teppanyaki (Karate Kid)

Are you looking for a budget friendly, Valentine date? The Karate Kid offers a Teppanyaki set for two. It has three types of  Teppanyaki set, chicken, seafood, and beef.  Not only of the many varieties that it offers, but the set also comes with 2 Kido Punch Tea, 2 bowls of soup and 2 sets of unlimited rice. It cost  Php 285.00 only. 

Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking food using an iron plate. The Beef Teppanyaki was served with a sizzling plate closed with the traditional Japanese style Teppanyaki. The Karate kid served the Beef Teppanyaki with sliced cabbage, carrots and onion that were still crunchy and not over cooked. The Beef was thinly sliced and is full of flavor. The beef is slightly sweet and savory, with a hint of garlic ginger and sesame seed flavor. The Japanese rice served with the Teppanyaki dish was soft and not mushy. The Kido Punch Tea were a right match to this yummy dish.
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