Food Review: Baby Squid in Black Ink (Mesa)

The Baby Squid in Black Ink of Mesa is a very scrumptious seafood meal. You may think that it is just a squid and it is just like an Adobong Pusit, but you are wrong. Here are the reasons why you should order the Baby Squid in Black Ink  in Mesa:

Flavor ★★★★✰
By visual, it may look unappetizing, but if you would take a bite you will discover that this dish is full of flavor. It is well seasoned and it has this taste we can’t identity that made this unique and delicious.

Texture ★★★★✰
The squid was cooked perfectly. It is firm to bite and it is not chewy or gummy. Aside from the texture of the squid, the sauce is thick and not watery, which is why the black ink sticks to your lips.


The appearance, for some who are picky with the color of their food, maybe too adventurous because of its black color. It would be better if Mesa would add more bright color as garnish to make the dish look appetizing.

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