Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

So, the Beauty and the Beast is a trending topic for this month, which is not surprising because the live-action remake is just simply a great movie. Want more details to convince you why you should watch the movie? Here are a few things that we loved:

The Film is as Magical as the Animated Version.
The live-action version of the Beauty and the Beast was created to be magical or more magical, rather, than the animated one. It goes to show that the team who created this live-action film considered that the children, who watched the 1991 animated movie, will surely watch the remake version. They made sure that what the Millenials felt before will surely feel the same or better with this live-action movie.

We Felt Like a Kid Again.
As an adult, we were in awe from the beginning to the end of the film. We were smiling the whole time. The lighting, the set, the costume, the sound quality, and special effects are the things that made this movie explicitly magical and wonderful. It will surely awaken the kid in you, aside from the special effects, the old songs were played during the movie and you can’t help yourself to hum or sing along. Another thing that will excite you is the suspense of what will the execution of creativity on how and what will, the director and the production team, do to depict the memorable scenes of the Beauty and the Beast.

The Creativity of the Director and the Production Team.
Although after watching the live-action movie, we watched the animated version, to see how exactly the 2017 movie replicated the 1991 animation. We’ve seen that there are some scenes that the 2017 movie changed, deleted, and improved. But, you will surely still be impressed how they recreated the scenes that are impossible to imitate.

Emma Watson is just B-E-A-U-TIFUL.
Emma Watson is the perfect actress to play the role as Belle. We did not see her as Hermoine but as Belle or Beauty. Her acting was very convincing in portraying the confident, beautiful, and kind-hearted Belle. Her simple grin or stare made a very big impression of the feeling that she is trying to express and relatable. And lastly, her voice was angelic.

This Sets as a Standard.

If Disney is planning to recreate another animated movie to live-action, the Beauty and the Beast has definitely set the standard of what the renew Disney movie should be.This movie inspired and made the viewers (kids and adults) feel happy and magical.
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